Our Mission

Joyful Journeys Community Enrichment helps improve the lives of children through the major components of education, athletics, arts and outreach. Adult participants will experience life advancements through the dynamics of exercise, emotion maintenance, employable skills training and involvement.


Joyful Journeys – Adopt A Street

We were small but fierce !!!  There were only 6 of us at the Adopt A Street in Northglenn cleaning but man does it look good now.  Please be kind and throw any and all trash (including cigarette butts) away in a trash can when you get to your location and… Read more →


Use Goodsearch as your default search engine (which is ran by yahoo) and you can help Joyful Journeys RAISE MONEY!!!… Read more →

Funding Factory

We accept all of the cartridges used in today’s market, cell phones, and commonly used small electronics! • Inkjet Cartridges,… Read more →